Terms of Service

These Terms of Service ("Agreement") govern your participation in the coaching program provided by The Brave Lady LLC ("Company") for personal development training modules. By enrolling in and accessing the coaching program, you agree to comply with these terms.

  1. Description of Program: The coaching program entitled Fall in Love offered by The Brave Lady LLC includes live sessions, digital courses, assignments, pre-recorded video classes and meditations. New content may be added monthly to enhance the learning experience. Old content may be subtracted to enhance the learning experience.
  2. Duration: The coaching program includes a membership that has a duration of 12 months, starting from the date of enrollment.
  3. Fees: The fee for the coaching program is $888, payable in full at the time of enrollment. Each enrollee is responsible for the option that is chosen at checkout.
  4. Payment Terms: Payment for the coaching program must be made upfront, before access to the coaching program is granted. Payment can be made through the designated payment methods specified by the Company.
  5. Refund Policy: The coaching program fees are non-refundable. Once payment is made, no refunds will be issued, regardless of the circumstances.
  6. Intellectual Property: All content provided as part of the coaching program, including digital courses, written content, assignments, pre-recorded video classes, and live coaching sessions, is the exclusive property of The Brave Lady LLC. You may not reproduce, share, or sell any of the coaching program content separately without prior written consent from the Company.
  7. Termination: The Brave Lady LLC reserves the right to terminate your participation in the coaching program at any time for any reason, including but not limited to a violation of these terms or disruptive behavior.
  8. Dispute Resolution: In the event of any dispute arising from or relating to this Agreement, both parties agree to resolve the dispute through binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association.
  9. Jurisdiction and Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, without regard to its conflict of laws principles. Any legal action or proceeding arising out of or relating to this Agreement shall be filed in the state or federal courts located in the city of Austin, Texas.
  10. Disclaimers and Liability Waivers: While The Brave Lady LLC is absolutely convinced that you will derive great benefits from the coaching program and that You should become as happy and successful as You envision, we of course do not represent or guarantee that you will attain a certain level of happiness or success. As with any other endeavor, each person’s happiness and success depends on many factors, including your personal motivation, time commitment, and how effectively you implement the tools you learn. The cost of this coaching program is an “investment” in yourself, and, as with any investment, there is both potential for a great return on your investment, and a risk there is no return on this investment. We can guarantee, however, that you WILL learn a lot of usable and translatable strategies. In purchasing this coaching program you are indicating that you understand and agree that the coaching program and any guidance given therein (included but not limited to coaching, mentoring and intuitive guidance) is not psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy or mental disorder treatment. In entering this agreement you acknowledge that, if necessary or reasonably advisable, you have consulted with your mental health professional before beginning the coaching program. The Brave Lady LLC is not intended to provide legal, financial or health-related advice. In signing this agreement, You acknowledge that Rebecca Boatman, The Brave Lady LLC, The Coaches and The coaching program fall under the category of “life coaching,” and that life coaching is a comprehensive process that may involve all areas of life, including work, finances, health, relationships, education, sports and recreation. In purchasing the coaching program, you acknowledge that you are exclusively responsible for your well being during the coaching program, and agree to manage and implement the guidance of the coaching program and any bonuses with the coaching program offered, in any or all areas of your life at your discretion. You fully understand that you are aware that you can choose to disregard any advice given during public or private sessions for any reason. By entering into this coaching program, You recognize that coaching requires emotional, physical and mental efforts, exertion and behavioral experimentation, which may cause physical, mental or emotional injury. You fully acknowledge and take full responsibility for all risks involved in these activities. You understand that it is your responsibility to consult with your primary health care provider prior to participating in the coaching program and any bonuses programs offered, and should you choose not to consult your healthcare provider, you accept full responsibility and waive all rights to liability or any claims against Rebecca Boatman, The Brave Lady LLC, and any of its coaches, administrators or employees. You attest to the fact that You have disclosed all relevant information regarding your physical, emotional or mental condition that could cause harm to You by participating in the coaching program. You, your heirs, as well as any and all other legal representatives forever release, waive and discharge liability towards Rebecca Boatman and/or The Brave Lady LLC and all associated agents, administrators and employees for any injury, harm or death caused by Your negligence, misconduct and any other acts before, during or after the Program. 
  11. Media Recording/Marketing Consent: If you decide to participate in any live recorded sessions, You agree that The Brave Lady may record, photograph or otherwise capture Your likeness, voice, images, interviews, and statements made, and hereby assign to The Brave Lady all rights and title to have and to use, royalty free, any portion of Your participation, for any lawful reason including advertising and marketing purposes, documentary purposes, informational purposes, and training purposes. 

By enrolling in the coaching program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by these Terms of Service.